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Local ingredients, authentic flavours

November 30, 2023November 30, 2023No comments

Cais da Villa is a restaurant that stands out for its dedication to local ingredients and the preservation of the region’s authentic flavours. With a culinary approach that values the gastronomic richness of Vila Real, the restaurant has become a true ambassador for the local culinary culture and tradition.

Cais da Villa takes the search for fresh, high-quality ingredients seriously, favouring local producers. From the vegetables grown on the region’s farms to the artisan cheeses produced in the mountains, each dish is a tribute to Vila Real’s agricultural wealth.

The team of chefs at Cais da Villa understand the importance of preserving traditional preparation methods. By reinventing typical dishes from the region, they rescue recipes passed down from generation to generation, keeping the authenticity of the flavours alive.

Simplicity is one of the hallmarks of Cais da Villa. Each dish is carefully prepared to highlight the natural flavours of the local ingredients. The experience of savouring a dish at the restaurant is a true celebration of honest, uncomplicated cuisine.

When browsing the menu at Cais da Villa, diners have the opportunity to take a sensory journey through the diversity of Vila Real’s flavours. From the intense flavours of fresh herbs to the subtlety of seasonal fruits, each dish tells a unique story about the region and its inhabitants.

Cais da Villa is more than just a restaurant, it’s a testament to the love and respect for Vila Real’s rich gastronomy. By valuing local ingredients and preserving authentic flavours, the restaurant offers its customers a unique and memorable experience on every visit.

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Cais da Villa
Located in an old warehouse at the train station of Vila Real, a historical building over one hundred years old, CAISDAVILLA is distinguished by the project’s creativity and innovation and considered by Turismo de Portugal as a point of interest for tourism in the Douro and Alto Douro region.

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