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Cais da Villa


Women's Day Dinner

We're in favour of social gatherings, especially if they're in our company. And we have a great suggestion: get the women in your life together and celebrate this day!   Liquid appetiser and Chef's appetisers…

ByCais da Villa

February 21, 2024

Local ingredients, authentic flavours

Cais da Villa is a restaurant that stands out for its dedication to local ingredients and the preservation of the region's authentic flavours. With a culinary approach that values the gastronomic richness of Vila Real,…

ByCais da Villa

November 30, 2023

Menu Executivo - Almoço e Jantar

The Executive Menu is now also available for dinner, so take advantage of this opportunity and come and enjoy our carefully prepared menu. Make your reservation now! #caisdavilla #caisdavillaVilaReal #vilareal #douro #transmonstanaregion #visitportugal #restaurant #gastronomy…

ByCais da Villa

November 20, 2023

New Year's Eve Dinner at Cais da Villa - 2023

Liquid Aperitif and Chef's Appetizers Cover | Regional Bread | Transmontano PDO Olive Oil | Marinated Olives Starter Lobster Ravioli Fish Turbot, Transmontano Couscous, Watercress, and Citrus Meat Beef Wellington (Beef Tenderloin, Ham, Mushrooms) Dessert…

ByCais da Villa

November 17, 2023

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