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Wine Dinner November 2022

November 30, 2022November 30, 2022No comments

On the 24th of November, Cais da Villa hosted yet another wine dinner with a sold-out capacity. An end to the day that combined the Chef’s creations in a surprising way. Daniel Gomes and the wines of Titan of Douro and Quinta no Valle da Estrada.

We were once again treated to the wines of our producers during the tasting and later at dinner, where the main objective is always to spread the name of the companies among all those present.

Prepared by chef Daniel Gomes, the menu consisted of four moments.

To start the meal, Chef Daniel Gomes suggested a Boletos Raviolo and an aromatic bivalve broth and sparkling wine as a starter, “so that we can achieve a balance between land and sea, where the Raviolo draws on the salinity of the bivalves”. The second dish was red snapper with a sauce of fine herbs and white wine in Potato Terrine and creamy turnip greens, “where we have a fleshy fish that combines the acidity of turnip greens, easily paired with white or red wine, but always meeting the customer’s taste”

As for the meat dish, a veal cheek confit in red wine and crispy corn and bean migas polenta, where we find “very intense meat, which takes about four hours to cook, accompanied by apple puree, so to balance with the acidity of the red wine, and the bean migas, inspired by a traditional recipe, together with the crispiness of the corn polenta”

To end the gastronomic experience in the best possible way, the chef proposed a thousand leaves of praline mousse with chocolate toffee, “in which the chocolate toffee contrasts with the sweetness of the dried fruit praline”.

Luciano Madureira, representative of the Quinta in the Douro Valley, referred to the importance of publicizing the brand at Cais da Villa, “an emblematic place in Vila Real, where its image is very Douro, very Trás-os-Montes” and where you can “show who consumes this type of product that there are things that are different from normal, almost intimate and it is important that they are publicized”.

Diogo Martins, representative of the Titan of Douro brand by Luís Leocádio, says that it is “important to show the wines and their history, because this is what the industry is made of, especially with Cais da Villa as a host, a reference in Vila Real, where we can have direct contact with the wines and their producers, showing the pleasure that a wine can bring to people”

Guilherme Osório, Sommelier at Cais da Villa, highlights the wine dinner as a way to streamline the space and boost the producers, where the purpose of the dinner is for each customer to harmonize.

On the 15th of December, the chef aims to present yet another gastronomic menu in which the objective is for the customer to find his pairing.

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Cais da Villa
Located in an old warehouse at the train station of Vila Real, a historical building over one hundred years old, CAISDAVILLA is distinguished by the project’s creativity and innovation and considered by Turismo de Portugal as a point of interest for tourism in the Douro and Alto Douro region.

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