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Prepare your summer cocktail

July 14, 2022October 3, 2022No comments

The hot summer days are here to stay and the long afternoons are more fun at Cais da Villa with our famous cocktails that promise to be a refreshing company at your table on our terrace.

However, today we bring you a recipe for a cocktail to ‘get your hands dirty’ and create your own style.

A summer classic, less sweet and simpler, but great for cooling off is the famous Mojito. Its recipe is quick to prepare and can make your sunny afternoons much happier.

Mojito Recipe:


1 sprig of mint (about 6 leaves);
1 tablespoon of sugar;
50ml Bacardi rum;
1 lemon;
Sparkling water.


Place the mint in the glass, squeeze the lemon and add the sugar;
Add ice up to the rim of the glass;
Add the rum;
Add the sparkling water;
Stir gently with a long spoon.

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Cais da Villa
Located in an old warehouse at the train station of Vila Real, a historical building over one hundred years old, CAISDAVILLA is distinguished by the project’s creativity and innovation and considered by Turismo de Portugal as a point of interest for tourism in the Douro and Alto Douro region.

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